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Company Background

WizSoft is a leading developer of software products based on data-mining technology (association rules) for the business sectors.

WizSoft provides comprehensive data-mining solutions for the business users to analyze and mine data, quickly and effectively. WizSoft software lets you look at data in a completely different way – without supposition, uncovering relationships that may exist among seemingly unrelated fields.

WizSoft software products analyze data in order to search for duplicates, uncover errors, reveal interesting phenomena and unexpected cases and issue predictions for new cases.

Through its distributors, WizSoft markets its software products to over 40,000 customers in varied businesses and institutions around the world. 




WizWhy® – reveals trends and patterns and issues predictions

WizWhy is a data-mining software tool that automatically reveals the if-then and if-and-only-if rules in the data, and on the basis of these rules summarizes the data, points out interesting phenomena in the data, reveals the main patterns, points out cases deviating from the rules and issues predictions for new cases.


WizRule® –business rules detector, discovers errors

WizRule is a data auditing software tool that automatically reveals all the rules in the data and points out cases that deviate from the discovered rules as suspected errors (cases to be investigated).

wizsameWizSame® –duplicate records discovery, reveals identical or similar cases

WizSame is a data quality, data cleansing software application that reveals identical or similar records based on the user’s criteria, suspected as being duplicate.


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