WizRule is an innovative data-auditing tool to improve data quality.

WizRule approach is: errors are exceptions to the norm.

WizRule automatically discovers all the rules, the norm, and errors, the exceptions, in the content of the data.

WizRule analyzes the contents of the data fields, reveals all the rules governing the data set and points out the cases deviating from the discovered rules. The deviating cases (records), having the highest degree of unlikelihood, are listed as suspected errors.

WizRule discovers rules in the data set without being instructed in advance. The rules can be if–then statements or mathematical formulas. The user can ‘fine-tune’ the analysis by defining parameters such as: minimum probability of if-then rules, minimum number of cases of a rule and the types of rules to search for.

WizRule also reveals rules that deviates from other rules and as such point at phenomena that should be investigated.

WizRule can help the user to understand the various relationships among unrelated fields.

WizRule displays, prints, saves or exports to a database all the rules and all the deviations.

WizRule reads all popular databases either directly or through ODBC or OLE DB. The data may combine two or more tables by defining the relationships between them and are joined into one table – one WizRule data set.