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WizSame is an innovative software tool for discovering duplicate records based on the user criteria.

WizSame reveals identical or similar records suspected as being duplicate in one data set or compares two data sets.

WizSame can be used to find duplicate records in order to uncover errors and frauds such as: duplicate invoices for the same purchase as well as duplicate payments, duplicate entries for the same customer, employee, vendor, stock item etc.

WizSame can reveal if an employee is also a vendor just by comparing the Vendor list with the Employee list.

The CRM administrator uses WizSame to find existing customers in the new list of potential customers. WizSame reveals records in the new list that are identical or similar to records in the existing database.

The user determines the matching criteria by defining for each field whether it is identical, similar or ignored. The user may define several conditions connected by the AND or OR operators to be added to the matching criteria.

WizSame reveals cases where the values in the same field in two records differ by one character or if they contain the same values in a different order or if they contain synonymous names.

WizSame displays, prints, saves or exports to a database all the matching sets. When comparing two data sets WizSame allows the user to create a new file without the duplicate records.

WizSame reads all popular databases either directly or through ODBC or OLE DB. The data may combine two or more jointed tables.