Telemarketing – Call Centers

Goal: Increasing Sales in Inbound Call Centers

Telemarketing companies face some huge stress factors (more competitors, more aggressive competition, demanding customers and less spending power) while they need to maximize the commercial potential of customer contacts and to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

As limitations on outbound calling campaigns increase and customers become progressively more resistant to unsolicited contacts,  companies are looking for ways to leverage inbound customer contacts.

The inbound call center offers a great potential to generate sales and leads. By collecting customers information, inbound contact centers offer great opportunities for cross-selling, lead generation, customer retention. In order to make inbound contact centers serve this purpose, it’s imperative that agents know exactly which offer to make to each customer and when not to make an offer. Thus, contact center agents must be supported by intelligent, real-time recommendations. The real-time marketing system capabilities enable the agents to determine which offers are most likely to appeal to a particular customer. Such system provides an intelligent recommendation based on historical and interaction data, customer’s preferences, demographic data.

WizWhy Predictor provides real-time predictive intelligence solutions for calling centers.

Advantages of WizWhy Predictor:

  • Real-time recommendation
  • Not all the data-fields are necessary to get a recommendation
  • Automatic decision-making
  • Creates predictive models efficiently
  • No IT development and/or courses are necessary
  • Best cost/performance (starts at US $3,995/license)

How does it work?

For example, a company markets 200 goods and analyzes their sales with WizWhy software. WizWhy reveals all the behavior rules based on 100 variables and discovers the main patterns of those customers more likely to purchase and those customers less inclined to purchase.

When a potential customer makes an incoming call and shares only partial information with the agent, let say only 15 elements out of 100 (e.g. gender, age, education, previous product, spending power), the agent types these on a simple application form of WizWhy Predictor.  Then, by the click of a button, the agent gets the relevant ‘prediction’ as the best offer.

WizWhy Predictor, a stand-alone software, determines which offer is most likely to appeal to the potential customer as well as presents the relevant rules to explain the prediction.

WizWhy users can install an eternal “consultant” for every agent in their calling center.