WizRule – Features and Benefits

WizRule Features and Benefits

  • Reveals all the if-then rules
  • Reveals mathematical formula rules
  • Reveals outstanding rules
  • Reveals spelling regularities
  • Points out cases that deviate from the rules
  • Calculates the level of unlikelihood of each deviating case
  • Avoids false alarms
  • Displays the rules in both text and graph modes
  • Displays the value distribution of each field in the data set providing the user quick data insights – Overview Report
  • Reports all the discovered rules – Rule Report
  • Reports the cases to be audited. A “case” refers to a value of a certain field in a certain record – Deviation Report
  • Reports occurrences of alphanumeric strings in the data that are suspected errors – Spelling Report
  • Reports unexpected rules viewing ‘interesting’ phenomena that may lead to a quick discovery of fraudulent cases – Outstanding Rules Report


  • Data auditing
  • Data quality / data cleansing
  • Fraud detection
  • Business rules discovery

Technical specifications:

  • Reads dBase, MS Access, MS SQL, Oracle, ASCII files
  • Reads any database through ODBC or OLE DB
  • Reads either one table or several joined tables
  • Full 32-bit application for Windows 7 / 8
  • Supports multi-processor operation
  • WizRule-COM is available for developers