WizSame – Costumer Testimonial

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Office of NYS Comproller

Below please find a quotation form an email sent to us by one of our customers:

“We have had tremendous success using WIZSAME. It has allowed us to be able to take files of millions of records compare them to themselves and to one another to find matches. The following link: http://www.osc.state.ny.us/reports/health/childleadpoisoning.pdf is to a public policy report issued by our office after this audit was issued http://osc.state.ny.us/audits/allaudits/093007/04s49.htm where Mr. Fish and I spent over a month mining the listings the team was given for duplicates using WIZSAME. We (Keith Abe and I) use WIZSAME all the time when we get user listings for computer systems and active and inactive payrolls to compare to see which active users are on payroll, and which inactive users are active on the systems, and many times have produced positive resultsthat the auditee asks what program we have used. It has allowed us to test entire populations rather than just sample populations.

We have used it to compare various listings of employees and volunteers to see if there are any employees who need follow up to ensure the safety of the people of NY. We speed up audits where payrolls are 100’s of people long and vendors are shorter to ensure that vendors are not the same as employees, or that the vendor does work at the same address as an employee on payroll so that the auditors again can test whole populations and not just statistical samples where they may miss a fraud.”