WizSame – Features and Benefits

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  • Reveals records with either similar or identical values
  • Reveals cases where records contain synonymous values (e.g. NY and New York)
  • Allows the user to update the synonym dictionary
  • Allows the user to determine the degree of matching  required for each field
  • The matching criteria may be defined by several conditions, connected by AND or OR operators
  • Displays, prints, saves to a file all the matching sets
  • Allows cutting down the list of suspected duplicate records by applying conditions to the list
  • Sorts the records by any field
  • Compares two data sets and allows the user to create a new file without the duplicate records
  • Exports the list of suspected duplicate records to an external database


  • Auditing – can be used to find duplicate records in order to uncover errors and frauds such as: duplicate invoices for the same purchase as well as duplicate payments, duplicate entries for the same customer, employee, vendor, etc.
  • CRM – can be used to reveal records in the new list that are identical or similar to records in the existing database

Technical specifications:

  • Reads dBase, MS Access, MS SQL, Oracle, ASCII files
  • Reads any database through ODBC or OLE DB
  • Reads either one table or several joined tables
  • Compares two data sets without merging them into one table
  • Full 32-bit application for Windows 7 / 8