WizWhy – Features and Benefits

  • Performs Boolean as well as multi-value analysis
  • Analyzes the data by discovering all the if-then rules
  • Reveals necessary and sufficient conditions (if-and-only-if rules)
  • Calculates the error probability of each rule
  • Calculates the best segmentations of the continuous (numeric) fields
  • Calculates the prediction power of each field
  • Summarizes the data graphically by presenting the main rules and trends
  • Reveals the interesting phenomena in the data by uncovering the unexpected rules
  • Points out cases deviating from the discovered rules – unexpected cases
  • Predicts new cases on the basis of the discovered rules
  • Explains predictions by listing relevant rules
  • Calculates the prediction’s conclusive probability
  • Calculates the prediction’s error probability
  • Predictions are based on error costs (a cost of a miss vs. false alarm)
  • Predictions are not influenced by subjective choices
  • User does not have to be an expert in statistics or data mining algorithms
  • Proven to be faster and more accurate than other data mining methods


Reveals patterns in the data and issues critical predictions in many areas:

  • Credit risk in banking and business
  • Insurance risks and assessments
  • Most likely buyers for specific products in direct marketing
  • Most likely viewers on the website
  • Customer retention
  • Most successful companies in the stock market
  • Fraud detection
  • Patterns of failures in manufacturing and maintenance
  • Patterns and trends in social and physical sciences data
  • Medical diagnosis and bio-informational  research

Technical specifications:

  • Reads directly dBase, MS Access, MS SQL and Oracle databases
  • Reads any database through ODBC or OLE DB
  • Reads any ASCII file
  • Can either read one table or join several tables
  • Full 32-bit application for Windows 7 / 8
  • Supports multi-processor operation