WizSoft Search

WizSoft Search is a search engine designed to be embedded in E- commerce websites and other websites where the data (for which the search is applied) are saved in records.

The search method is similar to the one used by Google and Alibaba. While the user is typing in the search query in the search box, the search engine suggests a list of queries (autocomplete) and then lists the search results for a chosen query.

During the search, both in the autocomplete stage and in listing the search results stage, WizSoft Search’s algorithm rests on the following three components:

  • Phonetic similarity between the words of the search query and the data in the web site records;
  • Identical strings (starts with… includes…) in the words in the search query and the data in the web site records;
  • The frequencies of the words in the website records.

When the search query includes more than one word, WizSoft Search suggests words according to the frequency of idioms in the website records during the autocomplete stage.

 The search for phonetically similar words and names is stronger than other algorithms such as Soundex  –  WizSoft Search will find the relevant word or name even when there is a mistake in the first character. Two words (or names) are considered similar if each of them has at least three consonants and:

  • The consonants of both words are identical and in the same order, or
  • One consonant is missing or replaced in one word, or
  • Two adjunct consonants in one word are swapped in the other word (transposition).

 Embedding the search engine in your web site is easy.

The owner of the web site (where WizSoft Search is embedded) determines the tables to be searched (for example, the Items table) and whether some fields are more significant than others (for example, the item name might be more significant than the description of the item features).

 WizSoft Search is scalable. It operates very fast even when the data-set includes several million records.